Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wyatt's First Hike

My husband and I both love the outdoors. And our babies have inherited that passion...although I need to insert here that EVERY kid is born with the love of the outdoors. It's up to us to keep that flame alive. So in November we decided to take Wyatt for his first official hike! LOTS of pictures here...


I think the above picture was the only time when Wyatt was grouchy. The reason??...being held. He just wanted to be free and run! So we put him back down to find rocks. And eat them.

Then throw them. 

I love this next picture because by the position of Wy's hand you would imagine the rock being straight out in front of him....but then you see the shadow of the rock over Wyatt's shadow-head. Do you see the rock now?

One of my favorite shots of the day!

Charlotte loved this little hike. It's at hole in the rock, and Char called it Rhinoceros mountain for some reason. Maybe because it's right next to our zoo??? Or because Rhinoceros' are cool.

After having a snacky, Matt manned the camera. And thank heavens he did! 

Pretty sure this is my favorite picture I have with my little gal. Oh, she's sweet!

Happy Hiking!

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