Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Mav's Shower Cake...and BIG Mav!!

Back in December, I had the opportunity to make a cake for my sister, Jenn's, baby shower! They decided to name their upcoming little boy Maverick (which I love so much it kills me!). Since the shower was around Christmas, the theme was Winter Wonderland which made for an ADORable cake!


I just have to say that I LOVED using my new silicone pearl mold for this! It was perfect to glam the cake up for mommy, but still have a boy-themed cake. And I just called them snowballs for the spirit of things. 

As always, I learned a ton with this cake! For Instance: Make sure you have an extra long skewer to support your tree as WELL as your sign! I did a long skewer into the cake for the sign, but I didn't think ahead with the tree, so it ended up needing toothpicks behind to hold it up. :( Good thing my family lets me practice on them! 

Here is my gorgeous sister, Jenn. She's a petite little thing and her baby was a monster! He was measuring huge every time she had a checkup! This was one hard-working mommy.

This next picture is one of the best. My grandma and sister playing Guess the Dirty Diaper game. Have you heard of this!? It was awesome. You melt different chocolate candies into diapers and people have to guess which candy it is. I thought it was hilarious! I kept trying to get pictures of grandma sniffing the diaper, but none of them turned out! *Sigh* Woe is me.

This is Jenn with her friend, Marissa, who hosted the shower. I think Marissa must have taken weeks to recover after the party because she WAY outdid herself! It was incredible!

Yes...to the cake.

And here's the little (okay, big...over 9 pounds) bundle. I got to shoot newborn pics last night, which got me right in the mood for this post, today. 

 Isn't he a handsome boy!? Takes after his parents.

Love you guys!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wyatt's First Hike

My husband and I both love the outdoors. And our babies have inherited that passion...although I need to insert here that EVERY kid is born with the love of the outdoors. It's up to us to keep that flame alive. So in November we decided to take Wyatt for his first official hike! LOTS of pictures here...


I think the above picture was the only time when Wyatt was grouchy. The reason??...being held. He just wanted to be free and run! So we put him back down to find rocks. And eat them.

Then throw them. 

I love this next picture because by the position of Wy's hand you would imagine the rock being straight out in front of him....but then you see the shadow of the rock over Wyatt's shadow-head. Do you see the rock now?

One of my favorite shots of the day!

Charlotte loved this little hike. It's at hole in the rock, and Char called it Rhinoceros mountain for some reason. Maybe because it's right next to our zoo??? Or because Rhinoceros' are cool.

After having a snacky, Matt manned the camera. And thank heavens he did! 

Pretty sure this is my favorite picture I have with my little gal. Oh, she's sweet!

Happy Hiking!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time's a' Turnin'

My last blog was six...SIX months ago. And in that six months, a great many things have happened that made me think "Hey! I need to blog about this!" And not a single one made it to my blog. Until NOW!


Hahaha...I hope I don't get verbally slapped for putting that picture so prominently on my blog. This blog is going to be about my church and the aMAzing gals that I work with. And maybe some cupcakes will work their way in here somewhere... 

These photos are pretty old, so some of my favorite ladies aren't featured...they missed out on this one. But I love this group of women so much! Here they are:

Hopefully the "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" tipped you off on our Dr. Seuss theme (if not...go get a copy of "The Cat in the Hat", PRONTO! For this particular church activity, we threw a Dr. Seuss party for our brand new girls (age 11 turning 12) with lots of fun stuff and some spiritual/churchy stuff. In my church (I'm a Mormon, aka LDS) we have something called "Young Women's" and the best thing I can compare it to is girl scouts. We have our own sunday school on sundays for all the girls ages 12-18 and we go to a girl's camp in June and do TONS of other fun things...as you can see. I love it because since I am one of the leaders over these girls, I get to eat yummy food, and get dressed up in floral pants with a black afro wig. Holla!

See...I told you there would be cupcakes. I LOVE watching people eat my cake! I think it's quickly becoming one of my new favorite pastimes (notice Madison's epic photo-bomb). And you know what??...i'm gettin' good! Now, my cakes don't just look pretty, they taste great! It's taken me a while to get those two in tandem.

These cupcakes had so much cream cheese frosting on them, the girl's were in a coma when they went home. I got the inspiration for these babies here

One more close-up:

Whoo! I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest. I think i'm out of practice because i'm reading through this and it seems a little random and sporadic. Oh well!