Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So behind

I clearly have no idea what I'm doing. I had no idea I could have a blog through my google account, had no idea that "blogger" and "blogspot" were of one heart and despite my family and close friends having their own blogspots, I had no idea how to create one! Actually, I still don't. But I'm trying to know how to do it because I am bored with trying to fall asleep and since my family is all sleeping, I get to send my thoughts into the computer universe, where they will probably be bumped into a dusty corner far away. That's okay, though. I'm just having fun typing and pretending somebody will, one day, stumble upon and read this post. Although....I regularly type long, and intricate comments on other people's blogs, only to have them fail when I click on the "send" button. I sit there, harried and trying to recall my words, then finally think "it probably didn't publish for a good reason." Then I want to carress my computer for saving me from a social-media type blunder. Should there have been a second dash in there??...oh we'll. how do I turn off autocorrect? Oh we'll.

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