Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Have Fish

After last night, I was a little unsure whether or not I really created a blog or if it was all just a whirlwind dream. Here it is! My blog! So...I guess i'd better introduce a little of myself. My name is Linsey Merrill and I am married to a wonderful husband with 2 great kids -- Charlotte (3) and Wyatt (1).

We live in Mesa, AZ and love it here! Well...I love it here. I think Matt would love it anywhere if it included acres of land to ride, hunt and farm. Alas, we currently barely have a backyard. But we sortof live on a farm...sortof. Anyways, I have a lot of hobbies and that's probably most of what i'll be talking about. Because even if nobody reads this, it will be a fun way to document the many shenanigans I decide to attempt. But sometimes...SOMEtimes, they aren't shenanigans at all! And I actually succeed. That's when I cheer for myself. So get out the pompoms!! Because my newest obsessions are goats (which is safe because I cant actually go out and buy any on impulse until we move and have room for them, which means lots of time to do research) and archery (which is NOT safe because it includes blunted arrows).

The former...Oberhasli Goats.

That is the breed I have decided to get when I have my dairy goat farm. Do you know how amazing these animals are? I am quickly becoming a fan. I'm not completely hopelessly ignorant when it comes to goats, but outside knowing how mischievous they can be, I have a lot to learn.

The latter...archery. Every summer at girl's camp, I loved the archery rotation! LOVED it. I am not Katniss Everdeen, but I will be. And I will lead my district into a glorious rebellion. Actually, I have 2 months of research before I can afford the bow I want:

That will be a good amount of time to really gauge how serious I am. But I did just finish an arm guard out of leather...

...which I will have to remake because it's not long enough. And the snaps are a little annoying. I need to find a better way to close it up there. Maybe I could still wear it as a fashion statement??...I have to since I spent a good 4 hours on that thing.

I think this is a good start to my blog. I look forward to a giddy relationship with you, my happy little computer friend!

BTW...the title of this post. I used to have fish and I miss them terribly. "you miss fish??" yes, I do. They are worthless unless big enough to eat, but I love their pretty colors. ;(  And look! There? to the right? in my column thingie???....I have colorful fish. Welcome back, lovelies. Don't feed them too much, the little darlings have no restraint whatsoever!

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