Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Infinity

I made this cake a couple months ago for a little girl, Ivee, that's in our church. She loved Toy Story at the time, and especially Buzz (i'm a Cowboy Woody gal myself, but to each her own)! I need to tell you that the hardest part of this cake was Buzz. GAH!!! I thought it would be so easy! No....nope....resounding "NO"....guys....no. The way I did it was NOT easy. BUT!!!....it looked pretty darn cool in the end. :)

When I make a name tag ahead of time, I make sure to put it on a pot so as it dries, it will dry to the right curve. Otherwise, it will break when I try to attach it to the cake. Luckily...Buzz didn't need to curve. (I randomly thought of the movie "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" as I uploaded these pictures. I just realized it's because I watched that movie while making my Buzz topper! haha!)

 Pretty cute, right? I learn with each cake I make and it's awesome! Although I will say, after the 3-tiered monstrosity I just made a week ago...I think i'm caked out for a while. Maybe I should post a recipe or two!

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