Monday, March 17, 2014

Farm Fun

All this blog is really going to be is a photo montage typey....thing of how grateful I am to have healthy, happy kids and a great husband who loves to play with them! So basically...this post is just for me. :) And any grandmas that happen to stop by.

We live next to this awesome little farm, and I think it's my favorite place to take pictures right now. My kids LOVE it over there, which makes for some great, happy action shots. I can't wait for the two huge pecan trees to get their leaves back this spring. They are so beautiful!

This was right before I cut off Wyatt's curls. I love those wavy curls, but I just think his head is so cute when it's buzzed! What can I say??...I'm a short-hair-on-my-boys kind of gal.

Best shot of the whole day coming up!

Watch out, Sister!!!

I can still hear the giggling in these ones. Charlotte would spend time with her daddy 24-7 if she could. At church, yesterday, she said to a near stranger "This is my daddy," turns and points to Matt. "He loves me." I think it was the proudest dad-moment of Matt's career. There's nothing like being a parent!

And only because I know I will be harassed for not being in any pictures (there's a reason for that, btw) I was present, and playing with everyone. ;)

...and laughing at with my daughter.

What a blessing to have access to this little farm (and huge garden!) in the middle of the city. I don't know if we will ever be able to leave it!

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