Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Birthday, Wyatt

This sweet boy's birthday was on April 6th and I just have to brag a bit. He isn't only the most hilarious little monster i've ever met...with a sense of humor that rivals his uncle Jon's...but he's also one of the sweetest and friendliest 3-year-olds to walk the earth. 

I'm a pretty friendly person...I enjoy talking to people in the checkout line at the grocery store, and I love moving and meeting new people in the neighborhood and ward, but Wyatt makes me move out of my comfort zone all the time! He loves people so much! We were stopped at a light and had the windows down in the car. I was zoned out, thinking about the morning and what needed to be done when we got home. After a few seconds of being stopped I hear Wyatt say "Hi!" from the back seat. A gravelly, high-pitched voice answered "Hi...How ya doing?" I looked back to see an old, leathery man who had (by the sound of his voice) been a smoker most of his life in the car next to Wyatt's window. He was talking to my almost 3-year-old. Wyatt proceeded the conversation while I smiled from the front seat:
"I'm doing good. What's yours name?" 
"My name's Wilfred." 
"Oh, that's a good name. Yours car is blue."
And then the light turned and I reluctantly moved forward in the line of traffic. 

 Do our children need to be wary of strangers in the alarming world we live in? Yes...but I hope that I can do more than teach my children to watch out for "bad people". I hope I can help them understand that while they need to take care of themselves and stand up for their values and beliefs...part of those beliefs we hold so dear is to love those around us. To be non-judgmental and understanding of others and their problems. To always give others the benefit of the doubt and be kind without being a push-over. I want strong kids...but caring and feeling kids.  I may have been a little taken aback by the sound of a smoke-worn voice speaking to my child, but my wonderful little boy was not. Who knows what Wilfred was doing that day or where he was coming from, but I know Wyatt helped him smile and made his day a little bit brighter. As he did mine.

 I love you, Crash. Thank you for teaching me to better love those around me. And thank heaven's Granny got you a spiderman helmet for your birthday to protect your cranium.

"Verily, I say unto you except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven."  -Matthew 18:3

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